About the CEO

Hello, I am Kenneth Jones. Most people know me as Hat J. I was born and raised in Fulton, AL, a small country town. Fashion has always been a form of expression for me since high school. My brand thrives on the motto: Stay humble, hustle hard.' I picked the name "Humble Hustla" because it is a representation of me.

All my life I had to hustle, but hard work betrays none. Hustling enables us to see our true potential. Many people compliment me on being humble. Gaining confidence while remaining modest can help us attain the perfect balance of being.

My goal is to create a legacy and generational wealth through my clothing brand. In order to achieve this goal, I must invest and believe in myself. "Humble Hustla" is not just a brand, but also a way for me to share my sense of fashion with the world. I hope my brand will inspire others to be creative and elevate the fashion scene.